Hard Tack Candy Recipe

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Hard Tack Candy Recipe

    hard tack

  • Hardtack (or hard tack) is a simple type of cracker or biscuit, made from flour, water, and sometimes salt. Inexpensive and long-lasting, it was and is used for sustenance in the absence of perishable foods, commonly during long sea voyages and military campaigns.
  • Hard Tack (1926–1947) was an American Thoroughbred racehorse owned and bred by the Wheatley Stable of Gladys Mills Phipps and her brother Ogden L. Mills. Son of the great Man o’ War, he showed considerable promise as a racer, but his temper prevented him from achieving success on the track.
  • Ship’s biscuit – also known as “toothbreakers” and “seabiscuits”


  • A recipe is a set of instructions that describe how to prepare or make something, especially a culinary dish.
  • Something which is likely to lead to a particular outcome
  • A medical prescription
  • A set of instructions for preparing a particular dish, including a list of the ingredients required
  • directions for making something
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  • (candied) encrusted with sugar or syrup; “candied grapefruit peel”
  • A sweet food made with sugar or syrup combined with fruit, chocolate, or nuts
  • Sugar crystallized by repeated boiling and slow evaporation
  • a rich sweet made of flavored sugar and often combined with fruit or nuts
  • sugarcoat: coat with something sweet, such as a hard sugar glaze

hard tack candy recipe

hard tack candy recipe – Monster High

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Bowl of Hard Tack

Bowl of Hard Tack
It’s beginning to smell a lot Christmas.

These are pictures I took while we were making Hard tack candy fro Christmas. We used my grandmothers hard tack recipe.

It’s beginning to smell a lot Christmas.

These are pictures I took while we were making Hard tack candy fro Christmas. We used my grandmothers hard tack recipe.

Hard Tack

2 c sugar
2/3 c white KeroDO NOY DOUBLE
1 c water

Combine and stir well before cooking. Boil without stirring until 300° on thermometer. Remove from heat. Add coloring and flavoring. Stir only to mix. Pour onto well buttered platter. Almost at once start cutting into chips by using fingers (gingerly – it’s hot) to raise candy from platter edges and cut with well buttered scissors. Stretch and cut all candy quickly so it does not cool.

Flavoring: use only oils meant for candy, about ½ t of flavoring

clear – vanilla
Lt red or Dk green – wintergreen
orange – orange
Dk red – cinnamon
Blue – clove
Yellow – lemon
Brown – root beer
Rose (10 red, 2 blue) – raspberry
Black (1/4t blue, 1/8 t yellow, 1/8 t red) – anise
Melon – (4 red) – peppermint
Caramel (4 blue, 6 yellow, 2 red) – butterscotch
Lt green – apple
Dk caramel (10 yellow, 2 red, 2 green) – Butter Rum
Watermelon -no added color

Recipe from Grandma Long (Dorthy)

hard tack

hard tack
When I saw the basket of hard tack, I was relieved to see that my batch turned out the same as the others’.

hard tack candy recipe

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